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Prodigy Math Game Quick Start Guide

Questions Answered:What is Prodigy?How do I sign up?How do I play?How do I access reports?What about Parents?Who else is using it?

Prodigy: Overview

Explore Prodigy's website to learn about game-based math activities!VideoResourcesTestimonials

Prodigy: Game Play

Experience game-play as a student!Log-in with GoogleCreate your AvatarCast spells with correct answers

Should I use Prodigy in my Classroom?

An overview of the benefits of using Prodigy, an interactive role-playing math game created for students in grades 1 - 8. This video gives you a...

Deck Toys: An Introduction

Are you looking for a way to add student choice, differentiation, and gamification to your lessons? Look no farther than Deck Toys! Appropriate for...

Deck Toys: Gamify Your Lesson

Are you looking for a way to gamify your lesson? Deck Toys is a simple solution that allows you to add your own content, activities, and checks...

Deck Toys: Features and Ideas for Your Classroom

Take a look at the awesome components of Deck Toys! This resource explains some of Deck Toys most loved features, such asInteractive slidesStudy...