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Teaching a Growth Mindset

Contributor: Pyxis Team

Are you a zoo tiger or a jungle tiger?  This simple analogy found in the video shares what is at the heart of the Growth Mindset.  Author Carol Dweck shared in her book, MindSet, that we all have the ability to learn, grow, and get better.  It isn't necessary skills that we are born with, but rather how we are trained and the adversity that we push through that help us develop skills by doing.  

  • Do you agree with the Growth Mindset theory?  
  • In what areas of your teaching career do you feel like a zoo tiger?  a jungle tiger?  

Watch the video and then think about your own story.  Share and connect your thoughts by talking with a colleague, writing in a journal, or blog about it. Do you want to know more about Growth Mindset? Be sure to search Pyxis for more resources, or follow along with out IBOT: Professional Learning Collection for more great resources on teacher growth!

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