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Lesson Example: Weather with NOVA labs

Contributor: Pyxis Team

Creating great lesson plans with technology can be tough, but it isn't impossible. Common Sense Education has a great site filled with all kinds of ideas for great technology rich lessons. If you can't find what you are looking for in Pyxis feel free to search their site. However, we have put quite a few in our system so you can keep earning that credit!

The important thing to remember when creating a technology rich lesson is to enhance a learning experience not make it more cumbersome. Common Sense Education likes to create App Flows that use multiple applications to make the flow of the lesson easier. This lesson will work on most devices.

  • Weather Underground Website
  • NOVA labs website
  • Explore Learning Gizmos
  • Voki Classroom

If you are looking for more, just search the tag associated with your discipline, your grade level, or the #lesson design tag. That's the quickest way to find more great stuff.

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