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Ideas for Finding an Audience for Your Students

Contributor: Pyxis Team

We know we get better work from our students when they have the chance to present their learning to an authentic audience.  Knowing that their projects, presentations, essays, and speeches will be viewed by a real audience, outside their classroom, adds an additional level of motivation.  However, sometimes finding that audience can be difficult.

This resource is a post from Matt Miller's blog, Ditch That Textbook.  In this post Matt includes a copy of a Twitter Chat about the topic of finding audiences for your students.  It includes a number of ideas from educators across the country.  Read through their thoughts, and find a couple that you can incorporate into your classroom.

Once you have read the blog post, be sure to return to Pyxis to mark this resource as complete.  For more resourcing on getting students to share their learning, check out the #Share tag in Pyxis.

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