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Google Docs: Basics of Sharing

Collection: Google Docs Contributor: Pyxis Team

Mom always said that it's best to share! That is a simple enough concept, but how about when it comes to sharing a Google Document? In this video tutorial, you will learn the basic steps for utilizing the blue share button in Google Docs.

The video will demonstrate how to explicitly share a document with select people via their e-mail addresses as well as how to share the document universally via a shareable link. As part of the share settings, you also are able to choose if others have the ability to view, comment, or edit the document. These settings are important to know and understand as you begin to collaborate via Google Docs. Watch the video to learn the basic steps for sharing a Google Doc with others!

If you want to find more information about Google Docs use the #gDocs tag, or visit the Google Docs Collection. 

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