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Anti-Cyberbullying Toolkit

No matter what grade level you teach, it is never too early to start talking about responsible use of the internet. This is especially true when it comes to respecting yourself and others. Common Sense Media has created a resource for educators that provides lesson plans focused on helping kids combat Cyberbullying. Everything you need to plan the lessons are on this site, separated by grade level. BONUS: There are also resources for families and parents.

If you want to know more about this topic make sure to search the #digital citizenship and #model tags in Pyxis, or keep following along with our Innovative Learners Series: Model collection. Make sure to mark this resource complete once you are finished.

Collection Extension: Respect Yourself & Others. 

After looking through this site. Choose one lesson and deliver it to your class. After you have completed the lesson, think about:

  • What are the keys to ensuring students continue to think about their online behaviors?
  • How can you, as a teacher, model appropriate online behaviors for the students?

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