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An Introduction to Padlet!

Contributor: Pyxis Team

This short video by Richard Byrne, the creator and author of the blog Free Technology for Teachers, demonstrates how easy it is to use the new version of Padlet, a collaborative online cork board.  In this video, you will learn how to

  • Log in to Padlet
  • Navigate the new interface
  • Create and modify a Padlet wall
  • Share the wall with users (correct privacy settings)
  • Post on the Padlet wall
  • Download the Padlet as an image or PDF
  • Copy and/or reuse the Padlet

You can also find some examples of how to use Padlet in the classroom by reading Richard Byrne's related blog post titled "How to Use the New Version of Padlet." If you'd like to learn more about using Padlet, be sure to explore the #Padlet tag! 

Collection Extension: Students sharing with each other

If you are following along in our collection, Innovative Learners Series: Think, or Share we would like to offer an idea for using Padlet during the Conver-stations strategy, or Think-Pair-Share. We love the idea of having students walk about and talk with different groups, but what if each student kept their notes on important aspects of the conversations on a note in Padlet? As the students talk in each group, there would be a collective list of important points that could be discussed after the activity was over. The students and teacher could even save the results to look at later or visit anytime via a link. The big advantage is that now each student gets to "see" inside the discussion of every group. What a great way to evaluate the thinking of others!

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