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Social Bookmarking for Students and Teachers

It seems like almost every day students and teachers are searching the Internet for useful information and engaging media to support their learning and growth as students or professionals.  Keeping track of and organizing the endless number of websites, videos, infographics, and other digital resources can be an overwhelming and time consuming process.  Not only that, most of the time Internet research is done alone, with users saving web pages to their own browser's Favorites or Bookmarks.

As the number of educational Web 2.0 tools has grown, so has the ability to collaborate, share, and communicate.  In regards to Internet research, social bookmarking tools have transformed the digital learning process from a solo activity to a collaborative, social activity.  Not only can students learn and practice necessary online research skills, but social bookmarking also provides students opportunities to communicate their thinking about they are reading and watching, collaborate with others by sharing the best resources, and think critically about the information they are using.  From your perspective as an educator, social bookmarking helps to curate professional resources or classroom resources in an online environment that can easily be shared with colleagues or students.  

In this Social Bookmarking for Students and Teachers collection, you will have the opportunity to dive deeper into the benefits of social bookmarking, explore two easy-to-use social bookmarking tools, and find examples of how you might integrate these tools into your classroom instruction.

Goals and Objectives:

  • Understand what social bookmarking is and the benefits to both students and teachers
  • Explore two social bookmarking tools great for educational use (Symbaloo and Diigo)
  • Discover practical ways to implement social bookmarking into your classroom

Pre-Requisites: None