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Pivot Interventions

Administrators and teachers are most effective when they work together to identify and respond to the specific needs of their students.  Pivot transforms data to provide clear insight into student and staff growth so the data can make a difference.  As you work through the collection, it may be helpful to use the Pivot demo site for practice with fake data before doing the real deal on your school system.  This site will refresh each day so you never need worry about creating unusable data or cluttering up your school's Pivot site.

By the end of this collection, you will be able to:

  • Summarize current research that provides evidence for the educational value of interventions
  • Describe fundamental elements an effective intervention, including basic vocabulary
  • Utilize Pivot software to create an intervention for a student in your school
  • Establish and model proper settings for Pivot interventions
  • Evaluate, reflect, and provide feedback for school interventions

Pre-Requisites or necessary equipment:

  • Pivot software with licensed Interventions module