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Innovative Learners Series: Produce


Welcome to PyxisEdu’s Innovative Learners Series. We believe that every time you walk into your classroom you’re not delivering content, you’re providing opportunities. Every activity you work so hard to plan, every lesson you deliver is an opportunity for learning. This series will explore one of these Awesome 8 Learning Opportunities. Feel free to use individual resources, but to get a more in-depth understanding of this opportunity, we have organized the resource into a logical order.

Collection Description:  
When learners get their hands dirty there is a deeper understanding of how to analyze and synthesize problems. Original work is the ultimate demonstration of understanding. This collection will explore how technology has opened the door for more engaging and relevant experiences in the classroom for producing original work. Teachers do not have to set up a workbench full of tools to get kids producing original work.  The key is to find a product that can demonstrate learning and let the kids go wild! 

Guiding Questions That You Will Answer:

  • Why is having students produce original work such a valuable learning opportunity?
  • How do students produce original work in a variety of mediums?
  • What is the intended outcome when students produce original work?
  • How can original work serve as a form of alternative assessment?


By the end of this collection, you will be able to:

  • Know and understand the term produce and it's role in a learner-centered classroom
  • Understand multiple strategies that use technology to get students producing 
  • Create an activity that effectively delivers content through student production
  • Learn how to modify and build a technology rich, instructionally sound lesson plan that allows students the opportunity to produce

Pre-Requisites or necessary equipment: