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Innovative Learner Series: Collaborate


Welcome to PyxisEdu’s Innovative Learners Series. We believe that every time you walk into your classroom you’re not delivering content, you’re providing opportunities. Every activity you work so hard to plan, every lesson you deliver is an opportunity for learning. This series will explore one of these Awesome 8 Learning Opportunities. Feel free to use individual resources, but to get a more in-depth understanding of this opportunity, we have organized the resource into a logical order.

Collection Description:  
Meaningful problems get solved when people come together. More importantly our individual learning is directly related to knowledge transfer that we get from others.  Technology has shifted the need for all that knowledge to come from the teacher.  We can create opportunities for students to explore and learn together and, most importantly, from each other. This collection will be exploring ways to get students collaborating and expanding the ways that you, as a teacher, think about collaboration through technology.

Guiding Questions That You Will Answer:
  • How can students collaborate to deepen their learning and challenge their thinking?
  • Where can students partner with outside experts to expand their learning?


By the end of this collection, you will be able to:

  • Know and understand the term collaboration and it's role in a learner-centered classroom
  • Understand how effective student collaboration creates a learning opportunity 
  • Understand multiple strategies that use technology to get students collaborating
  • Create an activity that effectively delivers content through collaboration
  • Learn how to modify and build a technology rich, instructionally sound lesson plan that allows for student collaboration

Pre-Requisites or necessary equipment: