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IBOT: Content Curation

Guiding learners as they sift through the sea of information on the internet can pose new challenges for educators. It takes time to find quality resources and digital tools, and there is often a learning curve that causes frustrations or delays. Once we embrace these new challenges and trust in the process, we unleash limitless possibilities for our learners.  This collection continues our in-depth exploration of the foundational aspects of using technology in the classroom and gives a brief overview of teaching in a blended or all-online learning environment.  

When faced with the prospect of using technology in one's professional situation, some individuals are instantly alarmed. The task seems daunting; there are so many tools and resources to use, so it is hard to know where to begin.  Learning to effectively curate content can be one of the most important skills in our digital age.

For years, textbooks have served as a framework for developing curriculum. The concept of building units and lessons "from scratch" while gathering resources can seem overwhelming. The internet is full of fantastic videos, games, and websites; however, that is also the downside. One must find time to sift through what's available to choose those resources that will best meet the needs of an individual's classroom. This collection is here to help!

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By the end of this collection, you will be able to:

  • Determine some of the ways that online/blended curriculum can remove barriers to learning and curate resources

  • Develop a personal understanding of effective technology integration for today’s classroom and student

  • Incorporate and identify different types of digital tools in order to evaluate and curate content for learning

  • Discern and establish procedures for ethical content curation

Pre-Requisites or necessary equipment: