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IBOT: Authentic Assessments

Authentic Assessment is really about a student's ability to transfer what they know into action. Giving students the opportunity to interact with curriculum in a “real” way automatically boosts engagement.  In this collection, we will explore how Authentic Assessment (sometimes called Authentic Learning) can take many forms; the only requirement is that some component of the learning process has application to the students’ lives.  That may mean posing a real problem for them to solve that relates to school or the community.  Maybe the student's need to use the knowledge to prepare a product for a “real” audience by connecting with others via Skype or putting finished work on display in a public place.  

The possibilities for authentic learning opportunities are seemingly endless. Researching and brainstorming, coupled with some planning and coordinating, can unlock the engaging power of authentic assessment in your professional situation.

This collection provides an in-depth exploration of the foundational aspects of using technology for authentic assessment while teaching in a blended or all-online learning environment.  As you learn about eLearning, digital citizenship, digital creation tools, and more, you will gain a strong understanding of why educators must shift their mindset in order to reach students in the 21st Century.  

Never completed a collection in Pyxis before?  You might want to check out this Overview Video that walks you through the 8 Innovative Learner opportunities and the basics on what to expect.


By the end of this collection, you will be able to:

  • Determine some of the ways that online assessments can remove barriers to learning and provide authentic experiences for students

  • Develop a personal understanding of effective technology integration for today’s classroom and student

  • Incorporate and identify different types of digital assessment tools in order to facilitate student learning and increase student motivation and engagement

  • Create an authentic assessment with feedback for a digitally responsible online learning environment

Pre-Requisites or necessary equipment: