HECC 2018

Welcome to PyxisEdu! We appreciate you stopping by our booth and signing up for a Pyxis account. 

In this collection, you will find a few of our favorite resources in PyxisEdu. With a premium subscription, you can access more than 1,000 resources and more than 50 collections that cover a wide variety of important topics in education and educational technology.

Best of all, you can track your learning! Each resource is assigned a number of Pyxis Points. One Pyxis Point = approximately one minute of learning. Every resource you mark as complete will be saved to your history, and you can download a report that lists the resources you have completed and the total number of points you have earned.

If you complete this entire collection, you will earn a digital badge (aren't you fancy?) and 60 Pyxis Points!

Want to learn more about PyxisEdu? Check out this video!