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Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a learning management tool designed to make teaching and learning in a digital environment more productive and meaningful.  The power of Google Classroom comes from the ability to streamline assignments and classroom workflow, easily create collaborative learning opportunities, and allow for enhanced communication.  Educators can create classes, quickly and easily share learning materials, distribute assignments, and provide real-time feedback to learners all in one place!  And because Google Classroom seamlessly integrates with our favorite Google tools, it will quickly become the hub of teaching, learning, and connecting for you and your students! 

By following along in this collection, you'll learn:

    • What Google Classroom is and the basic structure
    • How to easily set up and get started using Classroom
    • Ways in which you can create, post, and share learning materials and assignments
    • How to assess and provide feedback on student learning using Classroom's grading features
    • How Classroom can foster collaboration and communication amongst teachers, students, and guardians
    • The functions of Classroom that allow for differentiation and support of all learners
    • Tips and tricks on how to make Google Classroom work for you and your students

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