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Digital Storytelling

As schools and teachers move away from traditional quizzes and tests towards more authentic assessments of student learning, 21st century skills will become essential to the learning process.  One way to give students the opportunity to think critically, be creative, collaborate, and share their thinking and learning is through digital storytelling.  

Digital storytelling is not just for Language Arts!  This assessment strategy can be applied to all subject areas and all grade levels.  When students actively do something with the knowledge they have learned (like create a digital story!), they will build long-term connections that will transfer to new and different learning in the future.

In this Digital Storytelling collection, you will have the opportunity to dive deeper into what a digital story is, explore a various digital tools perfect for digital storytelling (in all grade levels and subjects), and learn how you can easily implement these tools as ways to assess student learning and understanding.

Goals and Objectives:

  • Understand what digital storytelling is and the benefits of using digital storytelling with students
  • Learn the process and individual steps of digital storytelling
  • Explore various apps and tools great for digital storytelling
  • Discover sample lesson plans and rubrics that can be used at your grade level or in your specific subject area

Pre-Requisites or Necessary Equipment:

  • iPad needed to use ChatterPix and Puppet Pals apps