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Canvas Course Design and Home Page Set-Up

Design elements of blended and online courses are often overlooked or misunderstood by course developers.  In Canvas, all students should to be able to easily access, navigate, and understand the resources and content that exist in the course.  The design of a course can affect the way students take in information and comprehend the content. 

In this Canvas Course Design collection, you will have the opportunity to learn about effective elements of blended and online course design, intuitive navigation, and create student-friendly home pages (and additional content) for your Canvas courses.

Goals and Objectives:

  • Using Canvas, create, edit, and set a well-designed home page that creates a student-friendly learning experience
  • Identify and apply effective design elements for blended and online courses
  • Identify and apply intuitive navigation for blended and online courses
  • Understand design elements that make blended and online courses accessible to all students


  • Canvas Instructure Account
  • A new or pre-existing Canvas course
  • Basic knowledge of how to use the Canvas Rich Text Editor