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Engaging a Parental Community

Contributor: Pyxis Team

We know parent and community communication is very important for teachers and students to be successful, but it isn't always easy. What are some ways to go beyond the traditional methods of a phone call or email? This video from the Australian Institute for Teaching and Professional Leadership will show us:

"Two early career teachers discuss their strategies for involving parents in their students’ learning. They meet with more experienced teachers to develop and review these strategies. They focus on developing collaborative and communicative relationships to build trust and to unite learning at home and at school. Teacher-parent communication initiatives include an online blog, Facebook, Twitter, email and text messaging, a Vietnamese-language newsletter, and the provision of interpreters for face-to-face meetings. The parents are also invited to teach items of cultural interest at the school and to support rotation activities."1

If you want to know more about communication with community, make sure to search for the #parent communication tag in PyxisEdu.

1“This Is the Archived Legacy AITSL Website. Content on This Site Is Not Maintained. Click Here to Visit the Current AITSL Website.” AITSL - Australian Institute for Teaching School Leadership Limited,

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